Kirby Howarth is a singer songwriter from York, N Yorkshire. This Kirby is not a game for the Wii and has no affiliation with Nintendo. This Kirby is not a vacuum cleaner and has no intention of wanting to be one, this Kirby is not a grip or a file based CMS system, this Kirby is just a singer songwriter from the great city of York sharing his music with those who care to listen, this Kirby will take you to his dreamland, but this dreamland is all about the music!

So, Kirby has been writing, singing, performing and producing songs for a number of years. He has played live sessions for BBC Radio in York, Leeds and Hull and has been aired by Tom Robinson on BBC Radio 6 (Fresh on the Net) and BBC Radio 2.

It’s like a song with uncertain sounds it’s like a heart that’s beating down it’s like a wheel that goes round and round through space and time and the sea.
Kirby Howarth

In the years I’ve been tracking the progress of York singer songwriter Kirby Howarth it’s been fascinating to hear him refining his approach and zeroing in on the sound he’s been hearing inside his head all these years. As a result, his songs grow ever more focussed and appealing and – inevitably – shorter. Refining his successful 2011 electro adventures with Time It Was, Kirby is back with a new batch of songs he’s working on which include the understated and bittersweet Just Another Place.
Tom Robinson – BBC Radio 6